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Are you ready to train like never before?



It's so good to have you here. I know how hard it is to find the right coach for your goals. There is so much information out there, it's hard to know what's the best advice for YOU.


Whether you're looking to improve your fitness, lose weight, build muscle, swim faster, or train with or without an injury, I'm here to help you achieve your goals. Having the right guidance, program, and support make a world of difference. So, let's get started. 

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My Story

I was a 5x-NCAA All American swimmer, but it wasn't all roses getting there. I was injured all throughout college and competed on shoulder and back injuries, and a torn labrum in my hip. I trained through all of my injuries thinking that my only options were to "suck it up" or quit. I didn't quit. But training through those injuries left me pretty beaten and broken down by the end of my collegiate career. 

The problem wasn't one thing. It was multi-factorial. I didn't have a strength and rehab program tailored for me. I didn't have proper nutritional coaching. And I didn't know how to adequately recover from high volume, high intensity training. My ignorance and lack of proper coaching and guidance led me from one injury to another. 

And that's what led me here. Just because I didn't have the proper coaching and resources back then doesn't mean you can't have it now. It's my mission to help YOU the way I wish someone helped me. 


Training Philosophy

Why Work With Me

Specializing in optimizing performance and preventing injuries, I bring a comprehensive background to the table. With a doctorate in physical therapy, a master's in exercise science and health promotion, and a bachelor's in psychology, I'm equipped to craft a program tailored specifically to your needs. My extensive coaching experience spans from rehabilitating athletes post-surgeries to fine-tuning the training of elite athletes. I'm committed to not just quick results, but the best results, ensuring that your performance is maximized while minimizing the risk of injuries. When you work with me, you're benefiting from a wealth of knowledge and a deeply personalized approach to achieving your goals.

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"Dr. Sandra Harrell is such a great practitioner to work with! She met with me, listened to my concerns and goals, and devised a lifting program specifically for me. My goals were increasing bone density and strengthening my lower back as I have a special needs son that requires me to lift and move him upwards of 100 times a day. I want to be strong to take care of him as he keeps getting bigger. 


Dr. Sandra does frequent check ins, helps modify exercises as needed, provides really descriptive videos of the movements and is so supportive and positive! 


I really started feeling stronger after 3 weeks and at 5-6 weeks I noticed improvement in my swims and runs, along with having no back pain after lifting my son all day long!


My program changes every 4 weeks and I look forward to the new challenges she has for me each month!"

Kendra W., TN

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