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Choose Your Personalized Program

  • Online Performance Coaching

    Every month
    Performance Coaching Tailored To Your Performance Or Weight Loss Goals
    • Customized Strength, Conditioning, Mobility, Prehab Coaching
    • Detailed Video Analysis Of Your Lift Technique
    • Injury Prevention & Rehab Guidance
    • Weekly Check-Ins
    • 24/7 Coaching Guidance & Access
    • In-App Direct Messaging
    • Calculated Readiness Scores For Optimal Performance
  • Virtual Swim Technique Coaching

    Every month
    1:1 Virtual Technique Coaching To Optimize Your Form & Prevent Injuries
    • Unlimited Lessons
    • Biomechanical & Kinematics Analysis
    • Voice-Over Commentary
    • Slow Motion & Freeze Frame Segmentation
    • In-App Personalized Account & Lesson Library
    • Customized Drill Program
    • Lifetime Access To Digital Lessons
    • In-App Text Messaging
    • Live Zoom Session For Post-Analysis Q/A
  • Nutrition & Mindset Coaching

    Every month
    Coaching Tailored To Your Performance And Lifestyle Goals
    • Customized Coaching for Athletic Performance & Weight Loss
    • Body Recomposition Coaching And Guidance
    • Tailored Macros Planning, Programming, & Coaching
    • Healthy Eating & Nutritional Guidance
    • Mindset Coaching & Strategy For Optimal Performance
    • Video Consultations
    • Personalized Check-Ins: Daily, Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly
    • 24/7 Access Via In-App Text Messaging

Recurring billing, cancel anytime

Local To Bakersfield & Interested In In-Person?

For a hybrid approach of in-app and in-person performance and technique coaching, please send me an email to get started.

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